So many possibilities…

DazzLinks were created by a seasoned educator with 20 years of experience in STEM education (learn more about our STEM Education Center at We know what it takes to keep students and educators engaged and challenged. DazzLinks are open-ended, they integrate into a wide range of lessons at all grade levels. Contact us at for support with using DazzLinks in your lessons!

What are DazzLinks?

DazzLinks come in two varieties: Beams and Shapes.

U shaped beams that connect with wooden dowels, pipe cleaners or metal fasteners (all provided in kit). Great for building structures, simple machines, contraptions, chain reaction sequences and more! Ages 6 to adult.

Flat shapes that connect with metal fasteners or pipe cleaners (provided in kit). Great for building creatures, objects and more! Ages 5 to adult.

Wondering which is best for your class? Send us an email!

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